Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Adding flowers to a design

These three design are basically the same. The variance
is the in color and placement of the flowers
and the Spellbinders Labels used.
The peach and pink flowers were punched from
card stock, while the lavender flowers are from vellum

The card base is covered with a textured piece the exact
size of the card. I used an embossing folder to achieve this texture.
The centers of the flower on the textured pieces
have been accented with various glitter glues.

The scripture was computer generated in PSP X.
The scripture is raised over the lower label layer
with the flat pieces from a paper egg carton.

The flowers were shaped using a large stylus.
I rubbed each flower gently until it cupped around the stylus.
Then the flower was turned over and I again used
the stylus to press in the center.
A tiny sun punch was used for the center on two of the
cards. Again, just rub gently with a smaller stylus until
the paper cups around the stylus, then attach to the flower.

The peach flowers have a pearl product by Stickles in the
center of them. I am not wild about this method. The stuff
goes flat and just sits there and looks pearlie, not at all like
a flower center. ; )

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