Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Sympathy Card

A simple design that is just so pretty.
The corners of the plain white card base have
been rounded and then the edges sponged with
Adirondack stream dye ink.
This ink was also used on the edges of
the punched flowers, the phrase
and the oval DP die cut.

The two die cuts are Spellbinders.
Flowers shaped from Punch Bunch punches
and the elegantly curved olive branches
are die cut from a Cheery Lynn Designs die.

A blue/green glitter glue has been used
for the center of the flowers.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blue Rememberance

The phrase was created by me using PSP X.
It was die cut using a Spellbinders die.
Note that the phrase is towards the bottom
of the die cut, this allows for more
embellishment at the upper portion
of the die cut.

The white card base has had the edges sponged with
Adirondack Stream dye ink.  The edges of the
shaped and punched flowers have also been
sponged with this ink,  In addition the flowers
have a blue green glitter glue as their centers.
Flowers and leaves are from Punch Bunch punches.
Several sizes of pearls are hidden about in
the flower arrangement. 

The DP has been layered over dark blue card stock.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Someone Remembers in Blue

I saw this phrase somewhere on a blog or Splitcoast and
immediately had to make up several versions in 
Paint Shop Pro X. 
It is so perfect for so many different occasions.

I began the design with a white card base.
The corners were rounded the edges heavily sponged 
with Adirondack Stream dye ink.
The remainder of the ink left on the sponge
was swished over the entire card face.

Using a Paper Studio paper called Antique Brocade
and Spellbinder Cardmaker die a frame was cut.

The phrase was cut with a straight edge
with the edges sponged with the Adirondack Stream ink.
I used the flat pieces of paper egg cartons
on the back of the phrase to create a 3-d effect.

A McGill punch is used for the white and blue branches.
The blue branches are just white ones that were 
sponged with the Adirondack Stream ink.
Flowers are from Punch Bunch punches
with the edges again sponged with the Stream ink.
I used a stylus to shape the punched flowers.
The centers of the flowers are blue green glitter glue.
The flowers are arranged over the branches
with pearls scattered about.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ephesdians 6:10

A wonderful scripture and another one
of my favorites.

This starts on a white card base.
A peach piece of card stock was cut to
be slightly smaller than the card front.
then a Cheery Lynn Designs lattice die cut
was placed over that.  It has been cut down enough
to not show underneath the window layer that is on top of it.

The window was cut with a Spellbinders Label die.  Note that 
the window is positioned to leave more space at the bottom to 
leave more room for embellishment.

The flowers were punched with a Punch Bunch punch
and shaped with a stylus.
The leafy stem is a die cut as well.  
I got it at a convention and have no idea who 
the manufacturer is.

The scripture was created in PSP X and 
die cut with a Spellbinders label die.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Lattice in a Window

This card begins with a white card base.
Next layer is a Cheery Lynn Designs
lattice that has been lightly sponged with a 
very light brown ink.

A piece of 4.25 x 5.5 inch white cards stock
has an aperture (window) cut using a
Spellbinders Label.  I cut it leaving more space
at the bottom to make room for embellishments.
The aperture has been lightly sponged as has the
outer edge of the piece and attached over
the lattice.

A Bosscut die was used to cut the greenery
and Punch Bunch punches were used for the 
flowers and the flower centers.

A white Cheery Lynn butterfly that has
been sponged with the light brown ink
is on the greenery in the upper right corner.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Polka Dot Posies

The first step is to cut a piece of card stock slightly smaller than
your card base and attach it to the card base.
I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder that had a 
matching border for this design.
A piece of card stock was embossed in the folder,
cut down and attached to the colored card stock
on the card front.
Now a 4 x 5.25 piece of white card stock
is used with a Spellbinders label die.
The die was centered on the paper and
taped into place with low tack masking tape.
After cutting the aperture the border embossing folder
was used on the left edge.
Flat portions of paper egg carton were attached to 
the underside and it was glued to the card front.

The pink polka dot flowers were punched with a 
Punch Bunch punch and shaped
using a stylus.
The green centers are glitter glue.
Glitter glue was also thinly spread over the greenery.
I also put a small dot of clear glitter glue in each 
little round polka dot on the embossed portion.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Cornerstone

The flower image was stamped with a light brown.
That same ink was used for sponging on the edges of 
the phrase, image and card base.

I used some plaid Christmas wrapping paper
that has been attached to card stock with spray glue 
as the subtle dash of color.  It was run through
a corrugator for a little more texture and interest.
Three tiny beige pearls  were placed
at lower mid point of the Spellbinders label die cut imgae.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Another Christmas Card

The Spellbinders Ornament die is again used for this card.
I love this die, it is so easy to decorate and the end
result is so impressive.

The embossing folder used for the background is from Cuttlebug.
I used a glossy white paper.
It was layered over a dark green that has
been trimmed to a narrow margin using 
layering rulers.

The ornament has been cut from a polished stone
piece from my stash.  I have a stack of various
polished stone pieces ready to use.  It is a rather
messy technique and it is also addictive.

The bronze metallic looking embellishments on
the ornament have been made using a bronze gift 
wrap that has been attached to card stock using
spray glue.  This is another thing that I do in 
huge amounts at once because of the mess.
I have a file with all kinds of gift wrap
attached to card stock for die cutting and backgrounds.

HINT - shop now for glitzy shiny gift wraps for die cutting
and backgrounds.  The gold especially is usually to be found
only at Christmas.  I use it year round.  The gift wrap is so so so  much 
less expensive than the scrapbook store gold paper.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Floral Window

First cut a lattice from the Cheery Lynn Designs
lattice die.  Attach the lattice to a plain white card base.

Now take a piece of 4.25 x 5.5 inch card stock.
Cut a Spellbinders Label aperture.  I left a little more
room at the bottom than the top to make room for 
a little more elaborate  floral embellishment.
If you desire a more embossed border around the 
aperture run it through the die cut machine
again with the embossing rubber sheet.

The lower left and upper right corners
are embellished with white die cut corners from
Cheery Lynn Designs.

Now we come to the flowers and leaves.
I have no idea who is the maker of the leafy stem die.
The stem on the right is a full stem, the one on the lower left 
was cut down.  Leaves from the cut down stem were
used for the single flower in the upper left corner.

The cream colored flowers were punch with a
Punch Bunch punch.  The brown centers of the
flowers are from Punch Bunches star burst and 
twinkle punches.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Framed Ornament

I began with a Cuttlebug folder that is
trimmed to 4 x 5.25 inches, then layered
over a sage green card stock. 
The green card stock has been cut to
make a narrow border.
This whole concoction is then attached
to a plain white A2 card base.

The ornament frame is from a
Spellbinders ornament die.
I used the largest and the second largest 
dies together to create the frame of polished stone.
The trick is to tape the dies in place before you cut.

The greeting was created in PSP X and
printed on plain white card stock.
It was cut out with the same ornament die.

I used a heavy gold metallic gift wrap
that has been attached to card stock using spray glue.
This was die cut using a Sizzix extended cut die.
The straight gold pieces and the hanger
were cut with a guillotine paper cutter.

The frame is raised over the Christmas phrase
using flat pieces of paper egg carton.
Most pop dots are expensive and too thick.
Paper egg cartons a free.  (big plus!)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Simple and Elegant Christmas Card

I began with a piece of glossy paper that was
4 x 5.25 inches, this was embossed in a folder.
It was layered over a brown card stock and that card 
stock was trimmed to a very narrow border using
Perfect Layers laying rulers.

The Christmas bulbs are polished stone.
This is a technique using glossy paper (clay cast)
and alcohol inks.  It is very fun and very messy.
I usually make up huge variety of colors and styles
when making polished stone.  Warning, this technique
is addictive.  It's hard to stop experimenting with the 
various colors and looks you can achieve while creating.

The bulbs were cut out using various Spellbinders
ornament dies.  The bronze decorations on the bulbs
are die cut from a bronze metallic Christmas wrap paper
that has been attached with spray glue to a piece of card stock.
I used Cherry Lynn Designs and Sizzix dies.
The straight pieces were cut using a paper cutter.

I use Crafters Pick Ultimate glue and a toothpick
to carefully dot glue on the backs of the decorations.
A very fine paper cutting of bronze paper was used
to create the "wire" that the ornaments appear
to be hanging from.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What's happening at the ranch

 Well we finally broke down and got a game camera.
It is positioned by a tank and we have put out a few ears 
of corn every night.
Above is a nice fat healthy coyote and 
below is 5 point buck.
The camera is infrared so they don't
see a flash although I do think some notice the little red light.
 I took this picture up in our hill pasture while waiting for
son to gut his deer.  He shot the deer in second 
deepest and most inaccessible canyon on the place.
So we did our mother son bonding thing and I 
helped him haul it out.  Took a little grunt work, mostly on 
his part, but the doe is now being processed and
we will be enjoying some wonderful sausage this winter.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Psalm 118:29

A friend gave me some gingham card bases.
 I have been amazed that this turned out as great as it did.
Gingham is just not my thing, but boy I really like this.
May be doing some more gingham stuff.

The fancy white oval is a Spellbinders die cut.
The scripture is Psalm 118:29. 
It has been created in PSP X and 
cut with a Spellbinders Label die.
It has the flat portions of a paper egg carton
attached to the back to create 3-D.

The Olive Branch die cuts are from
Cheery Lynn Designs and the flowers and their
centers are from Punch Bunch punches.
The flowers have been shaped for added dimension.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Thanks So Much

Begin with a plain white card base.  Now round the edges
and sponge those edges with a Rangers Distressed Concord Grape Ink.

The phrase is stamped with the purple ink.  I used a 
straight edge and click blade to cut it out.
Again round the edges and sponge with purple ink.
Layer onto a medium lavender card stock.
Trim to a narrow border using layering rulers,
round the edges and sponge with purple ink.

The upper square begins with a musical score background stamp.
It was inked with a gray ink, stamped on scrap paper and then
stamped on white card stock.  This gives a shadowy image.
Now swirl on inks beginning with a purple, then a lavender and finally
a  rose shade.  All in Rangers Distressed Ink.
Using a Spellbinders square die to cut the
music image to a square and round the corners.
This is placed on a Spellbinders Lacy Square die
cut that was done in white card stock.
The next layer down is the same lavender
card stock that was used under the phrase.
It was trimmed using the layering rulers.
The edges were rounded and it was sponged with
purple ink (Ranger Distressed), then layer on white,
trimmed with layering rulers, corners rounded
and again inked with purple ink.

The white die cut corner that is over the
music square is a Cheery Lynn Designs
die cut.

I used cut up pieces of the flat part of egg cartons
attached to the back of the pieces to
give a slight 3-D appearance.

The rounded corners and sponging with
purple ink on almost all the pieces really
pulls the card together and gives it
a very harmonious feel.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Die Cuts and Geometrics

The card base is a plain black card stock,
all other papers are metallics.
Die cuts are from Spellbinders and
Cheery Lynn Designs.
The patterned paper is unknown.

The outer corners on the above card are from an unknown
company.  I got them at a convention and have no idea who made them.
I really like them.  They are a little touchy to use and require
very exacting placement to cut evenly.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Wedding In Paradise

 You will note a huge gap in my blogging in October.
Well I have the best excuse ever.
 We went to St John's Island, US Virgin Islands for
our daughter's wedding.
Above is a picture of our daughter on the beach
at Trunk Bay.  Her gown is just stunning.
 Here are mother and daughter just before we
left for the ceremony.
 A sunrise view of Big Cruz Bay from the beach
at the Westin Hotel where we stayed.
 A sunset picture of Cruz Bay from the deck of the
High Tide Restaurant where we enjoyed a wonderful 
wedding supper.
The beach at the Westin Hotel.
The only fly in the ointment to a perfect trip was the sand fleas.
A least I am no longer itching, LOL.

Psalm 143:8

Three circles cut with Spellbinders Nesting Circles dies.
The two circles that are DP (Designer Paper) have the 
edges sponged AFTER they were removed from the die.
The circle with the computer generated scripture

The ink used for sponging on the circles and
the embossing folder (Cuttlebug Distressed Stripes)
was a Ranger Distressed Ink.  I think it was 
a medium brown.

The green flourish was a Boss Kut die.  The polka dot flowers
are from a DCWV stack, on of the childrens stacks.
I really do not remember which one, LOL, I have too many
of them and I think I lost the cover to this one.

The flowers and leaves were punched using
Punch Bunch punches.  If you want a high
quality punch combined with great service,
I would definitely recommend Punch Bunch.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Praise the Lord!

 Pink and white.
Praise the Lord!
I was playing with scraps.
Die cuts from Spellbinders and Cheery Lynn.
Border punches and pearls.
And an embossing folder.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Lord Is My Strength

I love this card.  It turned out exactly like
I saw it in my head.  That doesn't always happen.

The white card base is covered with a DP
from the Ella Blue stack from Paper Studio.

The scripture was created in PSP X by me.
Raised over it is a frame made from a 
Spellbinders Label die and a nesting circle die.
I tape them in place on the card stock,
cut and then with the tape still holding everything
in place emboss with the rubber mat.
In the lower and upper left corners
are Cheery Lynn Designs corner die cuts.

On the right side of the framed scripture are
two of the branches joined to form 
 an arch over the scripture.
The branches are from Spellbinders
Cherry Blossom die.
I used a corner punch for the little
flowers and brown gel pen for the 
brown center.

Monday, October 1, 2012

A speical card

This has to be one of my favorite phrases.
Now for the construction of this design.
The card base is a cream card stock.
The die cut over the top of it is a Cheery Lynn Designs
die that is a real challenge to cut.  But boy howdy 
are the results worth it.
My best method was to run it back and
forth through the die cut machine five or six times
and then take a piece of doubled card stock 
about 1/2 inch wide when folded.
I place it over the die just a short distance
from the edge, fun it through twice,
the move the folded shim over just
enough to cover the next section.
I do this until I have worked my way across the die.

The phrase has been cut with an oval and
layered over the next size oval.
Tiny flowers and leaves decorate the upper left edge.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Black and White

The dotted swiss portion is punched first and then
dry embossed in an embossing folder.

The phrase has been created in PSP X and
die cut with a Spellbinders Label.
It is over another label that has
been textured in an embossing folder.
Note that all of the white portions
of the card have been either brayered
of sponged with black ink.

The black flourishes are from a Bosscut die.
The flowers are from Punch Bunch punches.
The yellow sunburst centers have a dot
of black glitter glue in the center.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Psalm 143:8

Circles and circles and circles.
I do not usually design with circles.
Ovals, rectangles and squares, but seldom
circles.  The scripture was created in PSP X
and was made specifically for a circle die cut.

Construction details - 
A plain white card base that has been 
given a vintage distressed look by inking
around all four edges with Rangers Distressed Ink, 
the color used is Linen.

White card stock piece that is about 3 3/4 x 5 1/4 inches
has been embossed in a Cuttlebug folder,
then lightly sponged with the Linen Distressed Ink.
It was attached to a pale pink card stock,
which was trimmed with layering rulers, 
then the edges sponged with Linen Distressed Ink.
This was then centered and attached to
the card base.

The circles were die cut with Spellbinders dies.
The edges of the the phrase circle were 
carefully glittered with a glitter pen.
The DP circles were inked with Linen ink.

The green flourish is a Bosscut die and the 
dogwood blossom is a punch.
The flower has been lightly colored on the
edges with a pale pink H2O paint.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Birthday Cards

 The happy birthday is a Sizzix die cut.
All colored paper are from DCWV stacks.
The phrase has been cut from glitter paper.
Border punches are EK Success.
 I have had fun doing the variations
of the basic designs.
The flowers that have been punched from
the patterned DP are a new venture for me.
I think I really like it for certain designs.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Musically Made No. 2

 Begin with a white card base.
I used a Sizzix embossing folder to create
the musical score for the card front.
After embossing a brayer and black ink
was used to accent the music.
Use a very light hand to ink just the raised portion.
After the attaching the music the corners were rounded.
The phrase is from God's Holy Word.  Psalm 104:33
It was cut with a Spellbinders Label die, 
mounted on black card stock which was trimmed
to a narrow border using layering rulers.
The corners were rounded.
The music notes are from a Quickutz die
and a musical score border punch by EK.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Musically Made No. 1

Psalm 104:33 tells us to sing to the LORD
as long as we live.  I like that!

The card base is plain white card stock that
has the corners rounded.

The piano keyboard is from a Sizzix embossing folder.
After embossing I brayered with black ink, then
carefully cut it out and attached it to the right
side of the card.

The phrase was computer generated in 
Paint Shop Pro X, sized and printed in Word 2003
and cut out with a Spellbinders Labels die.
It was attached to black card stock.
The borders were cut with Perfect Layers ruler
and the corners rounded.  
I like how the Label die cut has rounded corners as well.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Flourishes and Flowers

Lots going on with this design.
Begin with a white card base that has the corners rounded.
The next step is to take piece of white card stock
and punch one side with a decorative border punch.
Now dry emboss that piece in Cuttlebugs Dotted Swiss 
folder.  Trim it down in size to about 4 x 5.25 inches or slightly
less and round the corners.  Attach to a piece of light pink
card stock, trim to a narrow border with Perfect Layers ruler
and again round the edges.  
Attach and center on the white card base.

The phrase is computer generated in Paint Shop Pro X.
It has been attached to that lovely light pink card stock
and trimmed with a scallop decorative scissors.
This mirrors the scallops on the punched edge.

The green leaf/flourish die cut is from BossKut.
I used several of the die cuts and took them apart 
to get the look that I wanted.  Seams where 
they were joined are covered with flowers.

The flowers were punched with various
Punch Bunch punches.  Very tiny flowers
were also placed on the phrase which pulls
the whole design together.
Some of the larger flowers not only have a
sunburst center, but were also accented
with clear glitter glue as well.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fall Is In The Air

We awoke this morning to much cooler temperatures.
This summer has been so hot and unrelenting that
70 degrees is almost cold.

This design begins with a white card base.
Over the base is a piece of glossy card stock that
has been colored with alcohol inks.

A medium brown lattice from
Cheery Lynn Designs is the next layer.
Some lovely silk fall colored leaves are the
finishing touch.
I attached a few rhinestones and
the leaves already had some glitter on them.

An easy card since the polished stone and
the lattice had been predone and were just waiting for me
to use on something.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Under God's Feet

 These are all "Man Cards"
The DP is from Paper Studios  Everyday Kraft stack.
 You will notice that under two of the phrases, the black
card stock has been embossed.  I used the same folder
that was used on the card below.  The plaid
is so perfect for a man card.  The folder is from Sizzix.
The card bases are all craft colored card stock.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Problem Solver

This has to be one of my very favorite phrases.
It is printed on craft colored card stock.
It has been die cut with a Spellbinders Label and
then one size larger of the same die was cut with
the same label.

Under the phrase is a piece of DP that is mounted on black 
card stock and placed on a craft colored card base.
Black ribbon was wrapped around the the
DP/black layers before they were attached to the card.
Three black rhinestones were placed in the lower
right corner.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pink and Purple

 The pink card uses a white card base followed by 
a pink layer and then another white layer.
The top white layer has been embossed with the 
Cuttlebug Dotted Swiss folder, then
an  EK Success Martha Stewart border
punch was used on the bottom.

Matching pink flowers with Kelly green
leaves and flourishes are in the upper
left corner.

A computer generated Happy Birthday with
three pearls as accents is towards the
lower right.
This card has a light purple card base with all
four corners rounded.
The bottom portion of the white was
cut with a Spellbinders die,
then the Dotted Swiss was embossed
with the two top corners rounded.

Light lavender flowers and Kelly green
flourishes and leaves accent the upper left corner.

The oval cut computer generated phrase is layered
over the same light lavender as the flowers.
Three pearls provide a touch of elegance.
Smaller pearls are the finishing accent on 
the lattice.
A piece of white ribbon is wrapped around the
Dotted Swiss and under the phrase.

Friday, August 10, 2012

A Thank You

Begin with the stamping.
The "ribbon" and Inkadinkadoo flowers
have been stamped with 
Rangers Distressed Sage ink.

The ribbon was trimmed with a
small scallop decorative scissors
and placed slightly off center on the card front.
A sage-ish, olivey green card stock is
under the ribbon and has been cut to allow
a narrow portion of the white card base to show.

The flower stamped image was cut with
a Spellbinders Label die and dry embossed.
It was left in the die and light sponging was 
done with a medium brown distressed ink. 
It was then filled in by sponging a light green distressed ink.

The thank you is an unknown clear stamp.
The little shiny dots are an EK Success embellishment.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Wheat Thank You

 I work as an enumerator for Nebraska Agricultural Statistics Service.
Every year in May I set out sample plots in wheat fields
in the southern panhandle, mostly in Cheyenne and Morrill counties.
This year I had 17 sample fields.
These are the thank you cards that I sent to all
the farmers that allowed me to set out plots in their
wheat fields and do counts and measures in those 
fields every month.

The beginning card base is 5.5 by 12 inches.
Scores are made at 2, 4, 8 and 10 inches.
The entire card, including the folds
was lightly inked with dark brown ink.
The wheat image is from Inkadinkadoo and is
embossed with a chocolate brown embossing powder.
It was cut with an oval Spellbinders die.  
Dark brown ink was sponged around the outer edge.
The wheat oval was then attached to a medium brown card stock,
trimmed to a narrow border with a deckle decorative scissors
and sponged with dark brown ink.

A shadow image of the wheat stalk was stamped
on the inside of the card and a small thank you 
just under the oval wheat image.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Singing and Notes

 This card may look really hard, but it's not.  
The musical score is an embossing folder.
I brayered black ink over the entire embossed piece.
It was then trimmed to just the embossed part.
Why a company would make an embossing folder that was 
NOT A2 size is beyond me and does limit the
number of their embossing folders that I purchase from them.
The trimmed piece was then attached to black card stock.
Perfect Layers rulers were used to make the
black border the same on all four side.
The scripture was done in Paint Shop Pro X, 
printed on white card stock and cut with
a scallop cutter, then mounted on black card stock
and again the black was trimmed to a narrow border.
The Just a note, again done with PSP X, was 
punched with a tag punch, ribbon fed through
the hole and all attached to black card stock
that was cut with deckle scissors.