Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tips, Tricks and Techniques

The edges of the three rectangles on this card have a burned appearance.
This is an easy effect to achieve.  It does take a little
time and practice.
What you will need - 
dark brown ink
black ink
thread cutter 

Begin by sponging in from the outer edge with
your sponge loaded with dark brown ink.
I will sponge in lightly a fair distance and then
re-sponge again, but not as far in. 
The second sponging makes it a little darker.
This adds more depth.

Now for the "burn".
Rough up all the edges with the thread cutter.
You can use any edge that will slightly tear or
rough the edges.
With the black ink, flick the very edges 
with your sponge.  You may have to do it more than once
to get the burned look.

It takes some practice, but soon you will be an addicted
sponger, just like me.  This technique is wonderful
for vintage and masculine designs.

I have been known to use two, three or even four shades 
of brown ink to get just the right look.  
The lighter shades are farther in, using darker and 
darker ink as you progress towards the outer edge.

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