Monday, May 30, 2011

Thinking of You

Something a little different.
The square die cuts are from Spellbinders new
Fleur de Lis squares.

Lots of sponging and 3-d layering.
Shapes are either die cut or punched.
Textures were done with several embossing folders.

Since I will be frantically busy as of tomorrow until at least
the 12th of June there are going to be several weeks without
posts. Probably won't be doing much card designing either.
Just working real hard on the job
and maintaining sanity.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Inscribed On The Palms of His Hands

This has to be one of my very favorite scriptures.
For this card I used PSP X to layer by layer
create the scripture. It was then cut out with
a Spellbinders die. Pale pink ink was sponged around
the edge of this die cut and the inside and outside
of the frame.

Punch Bunch punches were used for the flowers and leaves.
The flowers were shaped with a rounded tool.
Stickles pearl was used for the centers of
the flowers.

Note that the embossed bottom layer has
been sponged with the pale pink ink as well.

The scripture and the frame have been raised
off the card using layers of paper egg carton.
This creates a stunning 3-d look that is
far more pleasing to the eye than
simply attaching the pieces to the card front.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Precious LIttle Girl

Begin with a white A2 card base.
Now take a Sizzix embossing folder
and cut the textured white card stock
to 4 x 5.25 inches.
Lightly sponge with a pale pink ink.
I wanted the embossing to show ever so slightly.
Attach it to a dark mauvey-pink
card stock and trim to a narrow border.
I use Perfect Layers rulers to get
exactly the same width with every cut.

The stamped image is from an old
company called Second Star On The Right.
I don't know if they are even in business anymore.
I purchased several sheets of unmounted
rubber from them about 10 years ago.
I used glossy paper and Rangers Archival
coffee ink to stamp this precious little girl image.

The oval within an oval frame was made using
two Spellbinders oval dies at the same time.
Position as the ovals are shown on the card.
Leave the dies attached to the paper after cutting
and emboss with the soft rubber embossing mat.
Sponge a soft pink ink on the outer and inner ovals.

Use one of Spellbinders Fancy Tags 3 die cuts
that has been cut in half to make the
flourish on the thick side of the oval frame.
I cut a small part off on each end to get
just the right look.
Sponge with the same pale pink ink.
Attach to the wide side of the frame.

I use the flat parts of paper egg cartons for my
3-d effect. This design has two layers
of egg carton to get a more dramatic look.

The pale green flourishes are from Bosskut.
The very pale pink flowers are from Punch Bunch.
As you know by now I really like Punch Bunch.
They have a very good product, their punches
always punch clean and seldom stick.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Rainy Day

A beautiful rainy spring day in western Nebraska.
Our average yearly rainfall is 15 inches.
That puts us in the semi-arid category.
At 7 this morning we had 1.11 inches of
wonderful healing rain.
At times there are huge snowflakes
drifting down.

This is the view from my covered deck.
I look out every morning and my heart swells
with praise to God. He has created such
beauty for us to behold.
These slow drizzly spring rains are perfect.
Not a drop of rain is wasted. It all
soaks in and heals our dry parched land.
Most of the corn has been planted and
the farmers have been worried that
there would not be enough moisture
to get it "up". Up - as in germinated.
Our pastures were so very dry and
the wheat was starting to show some stress
from lack of moisture.
Thank you Lord for this spring blessing.
Your people are grateful
for your lovingkindness and favor.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another Birthday Card

Pale pink and white with a touch of very
soft green is the color scheme for this card.

A Sizzix embossing folder was used to create
the textured lower layer. It was placed over
pale pink and trimmed to a very narrow
border with a Perfect Layers ruler.
The above combination was attached
to a white card base.
(A2 or 4.25 x 5.5 inches, aka quarter fold card)

To cut the frame for the phrase I used
two Spellbinders dies at the same time.
I place the Label die cutting side down on
the paper, then placed the oval inside.
These were taped down with masking tape.
Destick your masking tape by smooshing
it on your arm several times to reduce
the level of adhesiveness.
If you don't do this, when you remove the tape
the top layer of paper will come off with the tape.
Run the combined dies through your die cut machine.
Take the whole thing and place
it cutting side down on an embossing mat
(soft rubber sheet) and emboss.
Now you can take it apart
and see your lovely frame.

I sponged the inside and outside edges of the frame very
lightly with light pink ink.
Double layers of egg carton were attached
to the back of the frame.
The frame was then attached to a
light pink piece of card stock and
the oval cut Happy Birthday was centered in the frame.
I put a single layer of egg carton on
the back of the phrase.

The flowers and leaves were punched
with Punch Bunches fantastic punches.
Flowers were shaped with a
extra large stylus type tool.
Gently rub the petals and center of the
flower until it "cups" around the tool.
Now flip it over and press in the center.
I used Rangers Liquid Pearls (white opal)
for the flower centers. Stickles or adhesive backed
rhinestones or pearls can also be used for the center
of the flowers.

TIP - recycle and reuse,
cut up the flat pieces of your
paper egg cartons for creating
3-D effects

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Am Your God

Sizzix embossing folders provided the texture
for the peach covering the card base and the
peach squares.
Now the white portion of those two squares
are from cut with Spellbinders new
Fleur de Lis Squares. Just lovely. I
know I am going to be using these a lot.

The scripture was done in PSP X and cut
out with a Spellbinders Label die.

The butterfly is two different punches with
the larger butterfly run through with an
embossing folder for that textural look.

Flowers and ferny type leaves are Punch Bunch
and the barely visible flourish is from Bosscut.

Just about everything on the card has been sponged to
add depth.
The squares, scripture label and butterfly have had
tiny cut up pieces of paper egg carton attached
to the back to create a 3-D look.
I put little pieces under each of the butterfly
wing layers to keep those wings separate
and 3-D even after mailing.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Because I Care

The Quickuts butterfly is stunning with just the top layer
of the die cut over the Spellbinders Lacy Square.

A Sizzix embossing folder was used to make the
white textured base layer. A narrow border of
pale peach under it accents the color theme.

The Spellbinders Lacy Square has a center
or pale peach.
That lovely butterfly really stands out
with the rhinestones attached to the body.

The phrase was computer generated
and cut with a Spellbinders oval and
attached to a tag from their first
Fancy Tag set.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Birthday Card

The same Sizzix embossing folder was used for
the white and the peach texture.
Spellbinders Beaded Oval die,
one of the Fancy Tags 2 and
Oval and Scalloped Oval are
the dies used to create this card.

Bosscut made the delicate flourish under
the Punch Bunch flowers and leaves.
A pale green metallic paper was used for the leaves.
The flowers have been painted with Lumiere
metallic paint, shaped with a rounded tool from Punch Bunch
and pearls attached to the centers.

The beaded oval is elevated over the card base as
is the tag. I use paper egg carton cut
up to the perfect size and glued to the back
of the oval and the tag.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Today's Card

Not much explanation today.
I had cataract surgery early this morning
and doing this one eyed is a little difficult.

There is a lot of details of how I do this type
of card in previous posts.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Come unto Me

Love this new Sizzix embossing folder!
It is the bottom textured layer.
The narrow dark reddish brown bottom
layer is the same paper that was used for
the large punched flowers.
The texture was lightly sponged to
make it stand out a little more.

The phrase was computer generated in PSP X,
cut out with a Spellbinders Label
and the edges lightly sponged with brown ink.

The two sizes Punch Bunch fern type leaves and
the Bosscut flourish are
cut from a light green metallic card stock.

The smaller Punch Bunch flowers are
white card stock and the edges
were sponged to make them stand out a bit.
Pearls were glued in the center of each flower.
I have discovered that the adhesive on these
lovely little embellishments doesn't hold very well
and have started to just glue them in place.