Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Little Card, Big Thanks 2

Well here it is.  I said I was going to try this
and it's "okay".  
Nothing I am wild about.
I think I like the white and yellow better.
It would probably be good for a man.
What do you all think of it?

Little Card, Big Thanks

 Same basic design, just different colors
and different Washi tape.
 The center card is a cream base while the top and bottom
cards a white.
I used a different embossing folder
with each card.
I do like the washi tape in the horizontal
better than the vertical.
The square that the Washi tape is wrapped around
is thick cardboard.
The phrase is raised with my usual
flat pieces of paper egg cartons.
While I am not a big fan of bright yellow,
I just love the yellow card.
Next I want to try some with the phrase
printed on kraft paper card stock.
Still working on the particulars of that one.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh Baby!

Well, much to my shock, I am going to be a grandma.
Our daughter announced the first of August that
she was expecting.  This is a much desired and
planned for baby.  She is 37 and our unwed son
is 41, so we never expected to be grandparents.

Above is the quilt that I have been working of for the last month.
Had to take my trusty 39 year old Bernina 830 Record
to be cleaned as I had moved my sewing room to the basement
and then discovered that I absolutely hated working in the basement.
My son and husband helped me move the
oak sewing cabinet up to a spare bedroom.  I have been 
sewing like a maniac for the past month
with several other projects rattling
around in my mind.
(not all of them baby either)

I found these panels at Pat's Creative.  This is an amazing
quilt store that is way way out in the boonies.
There was no sample sheet, just the large panel
and the six little ones.  I spent nights pondering
just exactly how to make the perfect
little girl baby quilt.  
Forgot to mention this baby is
a girl, due the end of February.

My Life?

So in the middle of October we had this little doggie show
up at our place in the middle of the night.  
Now you have to realize that we are 20 miles from the
closest town and 6 miles from an oil road.
Our house half a mile off the gravel county road and
we do NOT have a yard light on at night.  
If you are out on this lonesome road in the middle
of the night we don't want you to know
that there is even a place here.
Pixie came through the cattle panel dog yard fence (she is
very slender) at 11:30 pm when my husband let the
Scottish Terrier, MacDuff out for his final potty break
of the day.

Pixie immediately began to "fatten" up and 
four weeks after her arrival had four puppies. 
One of them died shortly after birth, but
the rest as of today are double the size shown in last 
weeks picture.  They are keeping my husband
up at night and we have had to find somewhere 
to keep them with higher sides than the original box.
We don't want to have to crawl under the bed
to dig the little rascals out.  In about four to six weeks
the two males and one female will be up for adoption.
And shortly after that Pixie will be spayed.