Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Rainy Day

A beautiful rainy spring day in western Nebraska.
Our average yearly rainfall is 15 inches.
That puts us in the semi-arid category.
At 7 this morning we had 1.11 inches of
wonderful healing rain.
At times there are huge snowflakes
drifting down.

This is the view from my covered deck.
I look out every morning and my heart swells
with praise to God. He has created such
beauty for us to behold.
These slow drizzly spring rains are perfect.
Not a drop of rain is wasted. It all
soaks in and heals our dry parched land.
Most of the corn has been planted and
the farmers have been worried that
there would not be enough moisture
to get it "up". Up - as in germinated.
Our pastures were so very dry and
the wheat was starting to show some stress
from lack of moisture.
Thank you Lord for this spring blessing.
Your people are grateful
for your lovingkindness and favor.

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