Saturday, November 14, 2009

Papercasting On Stamps

kleenex or toilet paper (depending on size of stamp used)
liquid starch
small stencil brush
bold stamp
water colors (the inexpensive kid's water colors will work)
paint brush
1. Mix in a container 1 part liquid starch and 1 part water
2. Paint on your stamp. Don't use too much as it spreads out. Some people color at the end of the process.
3. Lay the kleenex over the stamp.
4. Dip stencil brush in starch mixture and begin to tamp the stencil brush up and down to push the kleenex into the depressions in the rubber stamp.
5. Add layers of kleenex. Tamp carefully so you don't tear the kleenex, yet get the paper into all the grooves.
6. You may only have to use the starch mix with every other layer. It just depends on how much starch the kleenex you use absorbs and how well it is going into the depressions on the stamps.
7. You can use from 5 to 10 layers of kleenex. It depends on how thick you want your paper casting.
8. When you are satisfied with the thickness or your papercasting, carefully tear paper around the edge of the stamp. I found that I had to firmly hold the paper on the stamp with one hand and tear with the other.
9. Now is when you can do you water coloring if you didn't do it at the start.
10. Gently remover your paper casting from the stamp and lay aside to dry. I have tried using my heat gun to hurry the drying. Don't, it will bubble and curl. You can straighten a flatten a little, but be careful or you will remove all stamp image from the paper.
This is pretty tough when dry, but you can flattten the image out of the paper very easily when it is wet. There can be a little coloring when dry, but again, it is easy to destroy the image from the stamp. I have used Rub and Buff to high light or accented with some markers.

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  1. I haven't done this in years! This is great! Love the coloring, too.