Thursday, April 16, 2009

TEA Party

I have gone and done it now. I am officially one of those dangerous right-wing, God-fearing, radically subversive, conservatives that has Homeland Security in such a dither. Oh me, Oh my, I am daring to think for myself and am not buying into the liberal political machine media. I saw some of that reporting and experienced it for myself.

I went to the TEA party in Scottsbluff NE. It was reported in the local liberal rag that there might be 30 people there. This morning they reported "maybe" 200. Folks, I was there and they cut the number of attendees by more than half. There were at least 400 people there. Probably closer to 500.

We said prayers, honored our vets, and expressed our concern for the direction our country is going. No cars were overturned and ignited, no store windows had bricks thrown through them and no one was hurt or jailed. There was no trash left behind to pick up (as after the inauguration in DC) and there were several people walking around with old shopping bags looking for trash. LOL Guess we conservatives are just not trashy. Hmmmm, does this sound odd for a protest. Must have something to do with the basic values and character of the protesters. We are not destroyers of other peoples hard work and do not desire others hard work to fund our lives. We respect and honor our police. They are the good guys, even if they have orders from Homeland Security to "watch those subversives".

There were at least four County Deputy's on hand. Poor guys, they must have been bored silly. And they had to stand far enough away that they couldn't even hear those speaking. The speakers were constantly interrupted by people driving by on the street that were honking and cheering.

There was one lady there with signs protesting our protest. I watched closely. I did not see one person behave in a rude manner towards her. They may have questioned her stand but it was done civilly.

In closing let me say that I honor and pray for our current President. He was voted into office by a majority of the people. I do not agree with his policies and feel that what he is trying to accomplish (radical socialism) in our nation is against all that our founding fathers believed in and is in direct conflict with the very basic ideas of our Constitution. As an American I have the right and the duty to let my views be known. As my President he has the duty to see to it that I continue to have that precious right and to do all in his power to protect it for those who agree AND even more importantly for those who disagree with him. When freedom of speech is lost for one point of view it will soon follow that NONE have freedom of speech.

My quest to change America will continue. Through peaceful protest and the expression of my views. God Bless America, her President and ALL her people.

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