Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PearlEx and Glue Tutorial

Sweet Grass Stamps has some very lovely stamps. This phrase was sent to me to use in a Design Challenge with Stampers Quest online e-zine.
The colorful textured border on the left of the card is made with PearlEx pigment and mica powders and white glue. There are several ways to achieve this look. All of them extremely messy. My preferred method is to:
1. Using card stock of choice, spread on a thin coat of a mix of diluted white glue. I usually have Elmer's on hand.
2. Dab a mid sized paintbrush in a seperate container of diluted glue, then pickup some PearlEx powder.
3. Dab the brush that is loaded with the PearlEx powder onto the glue covered cardstock.
4. Keep repeating this with process with various colors of PearlEx powder until your cardstock is covered.
5. At this point you can add more sparklies. Like glitter, embossing powders, just about anything that will stick in the glue.
6. Now heat it with the heat gun. The glue will bubble and become textured. The more glue you have the wilder the texture is going to be.
Other ideas:
1. more glue and PearlEx can be added after the first heating
2. Stamp over the finished product and emboss with a gliltzy embossing powder
3. right after finishing up with the heat gun you can slightly smush down the bubbles if they are
too large.
4. antique with a permanent ink by dusting the tops of the texture with your ink pad
5. put fibers in the glue before heating
6. try different methods of getting the glue and Pearl Ex together on your cardstock
some like to put a thick layer of glue on the cardstock and sprinkle the powder over the glue
and then heat - much tidier
7. do a lot of them while you have the mess out, then they are available for various projects
I work on quarter or half sheets, then cut to fit the project I am working on


  1. I love the saying you have on this card. Really cool.
    But the messy technique...you know me!
    good instructions.

  2. But you can use a paint brush and never have to touch the glue. We may have to do this the next time I am visiting. I can do the messy gluey part and you can heat it. LOL