Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hot Pocket

It has been requested of me by a Kathy that I show a picture of Hot Pocket. A little history here is required. Hot Pocket came from a litter of 6 and the mother died. When we found them Hot Pocket was a tiny weak little bag of bones. Ready to die. We put the whole litter of six with another cat that had a litter of two and supplemented the six with regular bottle feedings. Hot Pocket got fed more often and at the beginning and end of each of the other feedings.
We noticed that all the babies had mattery eyes and little coughs, so we began adding a few drops of baby vitamins to one feeding a day. Made a big big difference.
How Hot Pocket got her name: She was always picked on by the other kittens so she spent a lot of time in the house with me. When I went outside I had to take her with me as our Scottie, MacDuff, regarded her a squeaky toy. She fit perfectly in my pockets for about a month. My husband said that she stayed nice and warm in my pocket and soon he was calling her Hot Pocket.

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