Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Don't throw away that cardboard box!
It can become a rustic background.
I use a "floss pick" meant for dental use
to separate the top layer of flat paper from
the corrugated part.
Place the point of the pick in the valley
of the corrugation, hold it parallel, slightly tilt
towards where the paper is still attached
and slide the floss pick down the valley.
Keep repeating until the top
layer of flat paper is removed.

The mini corrugated paper on this card
was part the packing on a fragile Christmas gift.
It has been cut out with a Spellbinders Label,
as has the Wildlife Enterprises hat and gloves
image. Both have had the edges sponged
with dark brown ink to add depth.

The western medallions at the top and bottom
have been created using three different punches.

The oval rider silhouette image from Sutter Enterprises,
has been stamped in dark brown,
cut out with a Spellbinders oval
and the edges sponged.

The entire card base was sponged with
brown ink to give a mottled look.
Corners were stamped with B & J Art Stamp's
barb wire in dark brown ink.


  1. Neat, neat, neat! What are the punches you used for the western medallions?

  2. What nice cards you make. I love the photo on your blog title. You are very creative. Jodi

  3. Punches used - the two brown pointy are chevrons, a diamond punch and a diamond hand punch.