Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Photo Cards

Both of these photos were taken this summer in southern Cheyenne County in the Nebraska Panhandle. So much of our homesteader heritage is on the backroads of western Nebraska. These were tough intelligent men and women who believed in the American dream. If you work hard you will succeed. Of course they didn't have the government and it's multiple agencies stomping them down either. Not to mention all the wacko activist groups that now impede every capitalist venture as well.

I have a little word of warning to you all. I know that many of you think I am a total nut. But here
it is: The government (aka Obama and the corrupt that put him in office) now own our banks. The farmer and rancher for the most part have to borrow from those banks to operate every year. Those notes can be called in at any time and if that operator can not repay that note the bank will seize the collateral, which is ALWAYS the land. When the government (Obama and cronies) control the land they will then control the food source. If you desire to totally control all aspects of a nation, you control its food source and the distribution of that food. They have it. The banks and the unions.
I hope a lot of you are preparing your garden plots because otherwise you are going to starve. Maybe not today or next year, but it will happen. Look at how fast and how far we have degenerated already under blundering ill-mannered corrupt Chicago style White House. If the current trend continues and the American silent majority remains cowed and silent, this is our future. (yes, Homeland Security already has my picture, I was at a TEA party and will continue my protest and attempts to educate until they shut me down)
OK, rant over.


  1. Amen!!! You are right on! I just hope and pray there are more of us than "they" would like to think.

  2. Preach on!! But our ground here is so poor that only mesquite trees and cactus grows. We need to get rid of all the incumbents and elect all new representatives that do have a heart for the Constitution and America!