Friday, July 10, 2009

Traveling The Back Roads

I have a very unusual part time job. I am an enumerator for Nebraska Agricultural Statistics Service. What is that you ask??? I gather the raw data directly from the farmers and ranchers in Cheyenne and Morrill counties of western Nebraska. This data is totally confidental with only the compiled data of many farmers and ranchers available to anyone who wants it. Want to know how many estimated acres of hard red winter wheat are in western Nebraska? Call Nebraska Ag Statistics and they will tell you. 1-800-582-6443
As I am driving around the back roads of the Panhandle of Nebraska, I find many old farmsteads. I have been taking pictures of the old houses, barns and whatever else is sitting around. Some of these building are of local stone and are just fantastic.
On my way back into a wheat field (trail road of 1 mile) I passed this fantastic old farmstead and saw this old truck sitting in the grass. Wow, isn't it just gorgeous? I have multiple pics from all angles. As it is a distance off the county road and not clearly visible there has not been the vandalism that many of the abandoned farmsteads suffer.

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