Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some Bunny Luvs You

Easter is just around the corner. This card was inspired by a "sort of" similar one that I found in a magazine. I don't know about the rest of the card makers out there, but when I find an interesting design in a magazine or book and start creating in my studio, wwweeeelllllll, the end result is vaguely like the picture (very vaguely usually). In fact, if I showed you the card and then had you browse through the magazine you would probably have a hard time picking out the design that had started the whole process. Now fess up, the rest of you do the very same thing. (I hope, LOL)
The cute little tags are a punch by McGill.
I used a plain white card base.
Coordinating scrapbook paper were glued onto the card base in a "thirds" format.
The wavy bar that the tags are attached to was cut using a paper cutter called Create-A-Cut, with a company name of Made Easy Inc. I could not find them on the internet. It has multiple blades that cuts various patterns. I love it.
I drew the carrot and carrot top myself. The edges of the carrot have been llightly sponged to create depth. I drew veins in the carrot leaves to attempt to make them more realitic.

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