Sunday, March 8, 2009

Faux Tooled Leather

It really does look like tooled leather.
Supplies you will need to make tooled leather:
black pigment ink
brown fun foam
heat gun
1. cut the fun foam about 1/2" to 1" larger than your stamp
2. ink the stamp with black pigment and keep it in your hand
3. heat the fun foam until it start to curl
4. immediately place stamp on heated foam and press down HARD
5. keep pressing that stamp into the fun foam until it has cooled
6. now pull up you stamp and admire the 3D image
7. trim the foam as close as desired to the 3D image
A few hints:
Let this stamped 3D piece of art work sit at least over night, WHY? because it is stamped with pigment ink and pigment ink takes a long long time to dry. If you have two people you could probably have one heating the foam and one stamping AND get away with using dye inks. I found that after I stopped heating and inked up my stamp with dye ink, that the foam had cooled. It does not reheat well. You will get the best image from HOT foam.
This technique is fun with medallion stamps. I have a nice collection of multiple colors of fun foam. Great say to get a 3D effect without a lot of hassle. The foam also mails well.
Happy Stamping and God Bless,
Shelly N.

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  1. Cool, Shelly. I knew how to do this, but had forgotten it!
    Show us some samples of your colored fun foam creations?