Monday, March 23, 2009

Recycling Jewelry

Down through the years I have been gifted with old unwanted or broken jewelry. These well-meaning aunts and old family friends did not realize that I simply can't turn this kind of thing down. As a result I have this huge stash of glittery, shimmery and shiny junk.

It is now a treasure trove. LOL

Your old ugly necklaces, bits and pieces and purchases that were too good a deal to pass up can become very stylish bracelets and necklaces in a surprisingly short amount of time.
Craft stores will usually have their jewelry making supplies on sale at least once a month.
I have learned the hard way to NOT use beading thread as it just does not hold up to the stresses that I put on a bracelet.
I use tiger tail or some other type of stainless wire and secure with crimping beads. Both of the above bracelets were second hand store ugly necklace purchases.

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