Friday, September 19, 2008

Tutorial - Metal Stencils and Glimmer Mists

Any stencil, be it plastic or metal, will work
for the spray mist color and stencil technique.
Here is a card made using Glimmer Mists
and a silver stencil that says Lynell Harlow - LJ849.
This positive portion is used for this card design.

1. As this stencil is a perfect quarter sheet size it is
possible to get four card backgrounds from one sheet of
cardstock. Place the paper on a craft sheet, then layer the
stencil over the paper.
2. Mist evenly with color. Note the beading of the
mist on the stencil.
3. Gently place a second quarter sheet of card stock
over the misted stencil and paper.
Hold in place with one hand and rub over the
entire quarter sheet with the other hand.
4. The negative and positive results.
I have noticed that with this stencil the negative is
has a much sharper image than the positive.
5. Mist both again with the lighter color of spray mist color.
6. Let dry. I prefer air drying and when the paper is still
very slightly damp, layering between scrap paper and
placing under a heavy book. Leave it at least over night, so
you have a nice flat background to stamp on.

1 comment:

  1. neat effects - I love how you posted the positive and negatives!
    I need to increase my stencil collection LOL!