Friday, September 19, 2008

Anniversary Card

I almost forgot.
Gasp!!!! You would think that after 38 of them
I would remember, but I didn't.
If my mother-in-law had not called I would have
likely never remembered.
Today is our 38th wedding anniversary.
Here is the card that I made for my hubby.
Scanner trick -
It seems that half of the time my scanner cuts off the edge of my cards.
Grrrrr - very frustrating.
How to solve this little irritation:
behind the item to be scanned, put a
piece of black paper larger than the item.
Be sure the black is in a upper right corner or
it might scan crooked.
This is my fourth scan of this card.
Finally remembered all my little tricks to get it right.
I just open the scan up in PSP, crop it to the size of the card,
reduce the pixels and put on my watermark.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both, Shelly!

  2. lovely card and Happy Anniversary!

  3. So are you going to blog on how to add a watermark? Hoping so...