Monday, September 15, 2008

Tutorial - Stencils and Glimmer Mists

Glimmer Mist Smushed background stamped
with black and brown inks. The metallics in the Glimmer Mists
"float" over the black ink.
For a very detailed and cistinct image embossing is advised.

This technique looks so difficult, but trust me, it's easy,
maybe a little (ok, a lot) messy.
The results are spectacular.
I regret that the subtle shimmer of the Glimmer Mists
cannot be seen in these picture.

for this project I used
2 half sheets of white card stock
stencil (no idea where I got this, it is part of my "Someday" stash)
Glimmer Mists or any misted spray coloring, 1 each dark and light
craft sheet or old magnetic photo page
lots of newspapers
iron or heat gun if desired
1. Spread newspapers over a large work area.
These misted sprays diffuse over an amazingly long way.
Now place the craft sheet in the center.
Place 1 half sheet of cardstock on craft sheet
and then lay stencil over the paper.
2. Shake your bottle very well. Make sure all the glimmery goodie
is off the bottom of the bottle. Do several test sprays to avoid splotches.
Mist with darker color - note the liquid beading up on the stencil -
it is easy to apply too much.
Leave the stencil in place over the paper.
This is your POSTIVE image.
3. Carefully position the second sheet of card stock over the
already misted paper and stencil. This will be your NEGATIVE image.
4.Once paper is in place, hold with one hand and gently rub over
surface with the other to pick up all that color that is beaded up on the stencil.
5. Remove the negative image sheet and then the stencil.
There it is! It was so easy!
6. With the postive and negative image sheets side by side
you are ready to mist then again with the lighter color.
I used Glimmer Mists Huckleberry as my dark color
and Timeless Lilac as my light color.
7. Drying finished product - yup, it's going to be soggy.
It can be ironed, dried with a heat gun or air dried.
I prefer air drying until only very slightly damp,
then placing between mutilple sheets of scrap paper
and putting it under a heavy book over night. (great use
for the unused college dictionary) The scrap
paper absorbs the rest of the moisture.
This card shows will give you an idea of what you can do
with a little spray and a stencil.
The flourish stamp is by Basic Grey and the phrase by PSX.
The background was talced first to avoid strays,
then stamped with VersaMark and embossed with fineline black.
The edges were sponged with black in to softly
frame the whole and add that special "finishing touch".


  1. Wow ... I love your stenciled paper ... especially contrasted with the black ... great tutorial and wonderful card.

  2. i love your tutorial....good job! nice stencil...makes great looking paper.
    tfs, sandyh