Friday, January 11, 2013

Crafty Kitten

 This is Baby. Baby was found in my flower bed in September as a tiny kitten
abandoned by it's mother.  Baby barely had his/her eyes
open and could hardly walk he/she was so young.
Baby came into the house and has not left since.  
A favorite perch is in my box of quarter sheet cut card stock.
I finally broke down and put a towel over the paper 
to protect it.

We make Baby spend time outside each day so he/she
will realize that he/she is a cat.  So far that has
not been a rousing success.  Baby thinks he/she
might be a dog, probably human, but NOT a cat.

We have cat toys strung all over the house.
There is a big card board box with holes cut here
and there that is a fascinating playground for
a lively kitten.
There are balls in both showers along with paper cups,
which make wonderful noises and wake up the
humans at night.
Baby loves to hid under the bed and ambush ankles
and will wake a sleeping dad with gentle and then not
so gentle face pats because attention is desired NOW.

Baby has tried ambushing the Scottish Terrier, MacDuff,
but MacDuff just doesn't get it.  He turns around and chases
Baby, so that game is done.

Watching the water spin round and round in
the toilet is fun, but the claw marks on the toilet seat
attest to the fact that this is something that
should only be looked at and not experienced.

Baby loves paper scraps that fall to the floor when mom is crafting,
so can usually be found lurking about.  When he/she gets
tired of playing he/she retires to this lovely hidey hole
atop mom's papers.
Dad is complaining
that some of those paper scraps have found their way 
into his side of the bed.
And Dad also says that a kitten under the covers at 
his feet disturbs his sleep.

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