Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Views from the morning walk

This our farmstead. The picture was take from about
1/4 of a mile away, which is half
way down our driveway.
The cows are grazing on volunteer
wheat from a field that was harvested
in July. They consider if very yummy cow candy.

This local land mark is srtaight west of our home.
It is very dry looking right now, with touches of snow
left over from the last storm.
It is known locally as Twin Mounds
and some maps also show it by that name.

These buttes are to the northwest
of our farmstead.
I love to watch the play of light and dark,
sunrise and sunset on God's marvelous creation.

Below is my husband the "the boys".
Our boys love their morning walk and
get a little cranky if something prevents them
from getting it. It is a wonderful exploration
every single morning. We enjoy watching their
wanderings and discoveries.

One of the cows very obligatingly posed

for her winter portrait.

She was very facinated by the doggies.

The dogs kept very close to us as some cows

are very anti dog. LOL (dogs get chased by cows)

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