Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Elk and Lace'

This black and white photo is one that I took of some
elk that wander through out pastures (and fences).
I truly did not pose this bull and cow elk,
but certainly took advantage the perfect picture.
I played with my graphics program to get the oval photo,
carefully cut it out, layered it on black paper
and cut it out with a large deckle scissors.
The band on the left is called lace'.
A brass stencil is used to enable perfect cuts.
I spray glued black and red text weight paper together to
get this striking combination.
The A2 card base is a slight speckled gray.
The lace' is then layered on metallic silver, then dark gray
and finally black. The black is cut with a decorative scissors.
A perfect "man" card.
A little more about lace' -
It is one of those things that requires practice.
I will be the first to admit that I probably throw away
at least every third one that I attempt.
It requires a very sharp blade and
a steady hand.
The results are well worth the effort.
Have a wonderful day and God Bless.

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