Thursday, July 17, 2008

A2 Cuttlebug embossing folder card

These embossing folders are so clever. Also very very easy to use.
One of the big questions my card making friends ask all the time is,
"How do you make a card out of this?"
Here's how.

1. Pick an 8.5 x 11 cardstock. I used white.
2. Cut the cardstock into quarters. That makes them A2 size.
3. Ink your cardstock. DTP, Glimmer Mists, Distressed Inks, Metallic Inks
Play with it. Not too dark, you will see why later
4. Lightly mist the back of the paper with water. This will soften the paper
and give you a much crisper image when you emboss in the folder.
5. Put your inked and misted paper in the folder and run it through your die cut machine.
6. I used a brayer for this step, you can use a sponge if you are careful.
Ink the brayer in a contrasting ink. (I used a darker ink)
7. Lightly "dust" the top of the embossed A2 folder paper with the brayer.
Be careful now, you only want to ink the raised part of the paper.
8. Cut the unembossed edges off so that your paper is square.
9. Layer on dark paper. I used a paper that matched as closely as possible the
ink that used on the raised portion of the embossed paper. Leave only a narrow
border of dark paper.
10. I layered again on silver gift wrap and cut with a decorative scissors.
11. Glue to a blank card. I use Crafters Ultimate Pick glue. You can use double sided tape, whatever works
for you.
12. Time for the tag. (or a medallion, whatever, be daring with your embellishments) I used a Sizzlets layered
tag die, using white over the same dark paper that I layered with.
13. The small stamped phrase is by Hero Arts. (they excel at small phrases) Put some fiber, ribbon, thread or
string in the tag. Attach to your card front.

Not nearly as hard as you thought and beware, it's addictive.

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