Thursday, January 23, 2014

Going Prehistoric 1

 The phrase is computer generated.
That band of faux snakeskin on the right
has been created using a Fiskars texture plate,
various inks with a final finish of a coat of
glossy water based varnish to give it a snaky sheen.
 The dinosaur skeleton is a die cut from Die-Versions.
As soon as I say it on Frantic Fran I just had to have it.
On the card above the base "rock" is done with 
the polished stone technique.
 For a little variety try sponging around your die cut.
The results can be interesting.
 More sponging around the die cut.
This one is inside the card.  
That dinosaur is sneaking up on someone
to help an "old timer" with a sense
of humor celebrate their birthday.

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