Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Very simple

A very very simple card. Yet it is so elegant.
The punching was done on text weight
medium gray paper.

How to make the mosaic "bar":
1. In the slot of the punch where the paper is placed,
make sure the paper is squarely against the back of the slot.
This ensure that one edge of the mosaics will be even.
2. Now to get the punched images evenly spaced from each other.
This may take a few tries so start with scrap paper.
3. I punch the first mosaic, now slide the paper through the punch
and estimate how far apart the punches will be.
Be sure to keep the paper squarely against the back of the punch.
4. Note where the edge of the punch is on the first punch.
5. Keep punching and experimenting until you have the desired
space between your punches.

I have a quilt ruler that has lots of measuring lines on it.
I used this ruler to cut an even border around the mosaic "bar".
One important trick is to be sure that you are in the same
sitting or standing position for each cut.
I also have put the no-slip plastic on the back of the ruler
to help prevent slipping when cutting.
I will also advise that you are less likely to have
the ruler slip under the pressure of cutting if you
have a light touch. I often make two cuts
to get a clean even cut with card stock.
One quilt ruler even has a Sharpie line drawn on it
that shows a frequently used measurement.

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