Monday, October 18, 2010

From My Morning Devotions

Am I a cathedral or a chapel? Cathedrals are large and impressive church buildings often built simply to impress people rather than chapels that are truth-filled structures where God is glorified. A physical edifice should never be the main focus of the church body. No matter the size or cost of any church, the primary concern should always be the genuineness of the worship inside.

Wherever true believers gather to worship, it should be there that the Word of God is boldly proclaimed, the name of God magnified, and the will of God earnestly sought.

What matters most to God is the seeking of his glory, not the promotion of denomination or building of showy structures. Thus every church is to be a chapel, small and intimate, built for the worship and glory of God. A chapel is a place where we can get down to serious relationship building with God. It's all about what is going on inside, not the impressiveness of the outer shell.

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