Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ranch Life Adventures

Early one morning the just weaned kittens were crying at the back door. Poor babies were hungry. So being the softy that I am I got a hand full of cat food, opened the door and bent down and put it on the top step.

I heard a "cat" lapping water from the bucket under the hydrant that was about five feet from the door. I looked over to see which cat it was. Wellllllll............ it was a black "cat" with white stripes.

After slowly and gently backing up, closing the door in a manner that would not upset the "cat" (aka, big skunk, monster skunk, big ugly scary skunk, shudder) I hot footed it for hubby. He was not impressed at 5:30 in the morning and told me, "I'll get it another day."`I just hope he meets that big monster scary skunk one fine morning. He has been warned.

The lesson in all this - when you live in the country you open doors slowly in the early morning, look carefully and don't wake up hubby to handle trouble unless it involves a lot of blood or the cows are in the yard.

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  1. What a surprise! We had a coon in our garage when we lived in Lusk. Dean opened the door to look in the garage and the coon was just a couple feet from him looking back. Now we knew what was raiding the cat food! Anyway, I hope he doesn't come back!