Thursday, August 6, 2009

Critters At Our House

This is Stubby. Poor little mite got drug out of the closet by MacDuff the Scottie. BY THE TAIL! The last half of his tail died and fell off. So he is named Stubby. Stubby has gotten very pouncy and bouncy this past week. We are enjoying her/him a whole bunch! Pouncy bouncy kittens are just so cute and funny.

Now here is Stubby with her/his mother. Mommy's name is Hot Pocket. As rescued bottle baby from last summer. Stubby would not have survived outside on the farmstead. Hot Pocket is a lousy mother. When trapped in the house with her baby she takes care of it, but her spring litter did not survive very long. Stubby is the only baby of this litter that made it.

MacDuff and Stubby are buds now. But only as long as Stubby doesn't start playing with MacDuff's nose or tail. When that happens he retreats to his perch at the window where the kitten can't get to him (yet).

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