Thursday, November 27, 2008

When less is more

Sometimes less is more.
This sympathy card uses two stamps
and two embossing powders.
It is a very simple card to make,
but has a definite elegance.
The "With Sympathy" stamp is an unmounted stamp.
I have no clue who is the manufacturerer.
The leafy vine border is by Art Impression.
1. Talc the whole card to avoid strays of embossing powder.
2. Stamp the leafy vine border across the bottom and the right
side, apply green embossing powder
and cook it with the heat gun.
3. Stamp the sympathy phrase, apply gold embossing powder
and cook it with the heat gun.
This is a plain white card base.
To get the scanner to show the whole card I had to put
it on a colored background paper, so this explains
the goldy brown border.
Never knew I would be doing a blog when I scanned this. LOL
I scan or take pictures of all my cards and
when I get nine new ones I print them all
up on one sheet of inexpensive photo paper
as wallet sized pictures. This is big
enough for me to see exactly what I have done.
I no longer live in that fantasy land where
"I'll remember how I did that".
It has also helped me see how my stamping
has changed over the last 5 years.

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