Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spray Box

I have noticed when using all my wonderful spray mists
that the fine mist "travels". (a LOT)
Here is a simple inexpensive solution.
First cover the crafting area where you are going to be
spraying with newspaper.
I suggest that you cover your whole table and maybe
even part of the floor.
A large sturdy box is laid on it's side and
I even laid newspaper in it as I want to use
my box over and over.
Now lay your craft sheet or plastic over the newspaper
inside the box. The box with sides extended seems to contain the
spreading of the spray mists over large areas.
I didn't see any spray mist on my floor.
(and I even mopped it to be sure)
TaDah!!! you have a spray box.
Why the Craft Sheet or Plastic?
These will not absorb the spray mist, allowing
you to fully utiltize every possible drop of your product.
I use half or quarter sheets of card stock to
"smoosh" or wipe up the left over spray mist.
My friend Nancy S. had a wonderful idea.
She started using glossy cardstock.
It doesn't absorb nearly as much as the regular
cardstock, you have the glossy sheen
when you get done and your product goes much further.
Nancy and I had so much fun creating lovely colorful
backgrounds for our stamping projects.

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