Saturday, August 2, 2008

Western Cards

This is one of my favorite designs.
The stagecoach is stamped and embossed on real leather.
Dust your leather with talc first to get a clean embossed image.
I used a Coluzzle to get the nice clean shape.
The blade will not cut all the way through thicker leather,
but it does give you enough to enable one to
finish the cut nicely with a shape scissors.
Then the edges were sponged with dark brown ink for depth
and just because I like the look :-).
The leather is mounted on a torn and heavily sponged piece
of cardboard box. You can easily seperate the cardboard
with a plastic tooth pick that has the floss holder on one end.
Just slide it down the channel and "magic", the top
layer just comes right off. You may have to do
a little tweaking to get a technique that works well
for you, I personally have worn out several of those
toothpicks to get my treasured cardboard.
I used Distressed Inks to get that deep lucious brown
and finished the edges with black for the burned look.
The sponging really adds a lot of depth and character.
Decorative scissors were used on the layered borders.
This is not the best scan, but the card is now residing on someone's
mantle so I can't rescan for a better image, LOL.

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