Friday, August 22, 2008

A Little "Patchwork Quilting"

Patchwork quilting with paper is beautiful way to use all
those paper scraps that you have been saving for a "someday" project.
We all just hate to throw away paper of any size
so here is finally a way to use those scraps
and make an attractive card as well.
Try some paper quilting. Just as our ancestors began quilting with clothe
to use up their scraps, so we can use paper quilting to use up our paper scraps.
I glue the paper directly to my card front and use the card itself
as a guide to trim the edges where possible.
The covered seams also allow you a little leeway
so you don't have to be as exact in your measurements and cuts.
The "Love" clear sticker is from Serendipity Stamps.

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