Friday, August 26, 2011

Wheat Thank You

I work for Nebraska Agricultural
Statistics Service. One of the many
different thing that I do is called
Wheat Objective Yield.
This involves me going out into
15 to 20 wheat fields every summer and
setting up small sample plots.
Every month I do counts of the
stalks of wheat, check maturity and
send small samples to a lab for examination.
From all of this data that I send in,
Nebr. Ag Stats and USDA can
make a fairly accurate estimate of
the wheat harvest.
While wheat harvest is over,
I am now involved in
Corn Objective Yield and am preparing
to go out into some corn fields and
set up sample plots.

The above card is the thank you
that I made and sent to every
farmer that allowed me to play
in their wheat field.

The wheat in the oval is embossed
with a goldish emblossing powder that
I got years ago from Think Ink.
Then the shadow wheat
stamped on the card base are
Distressed Ink Straw.
These where ink, stamped on
scrap paper and then stamped on
the card base for a very light shadowy image.

All of the sponging was done first with
Rangers Archival Russet and then just the
very edges with Rangers Archival Coffee.

The thank you is an unknown stamp.

I used two different Spellbinders Label dies
to cut the corrugated cardboard.
I think I like the second one better.

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  1. Very nice! You pamper your farmers! No wonder they let you play in their fields - LOL!