Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Vacation

Sorry to have ignored my blog for so long. I have been on a vacation or sorts for ten days. My daughter and a friend spent 8 days off the coast on Hondras on the island of Roatan, scuba diving and supposedly relaxing. I have been staying at their townhouse in Aurora CO taking care of their dogs and spending time visiting various CO friends.

It has been great. I came to some big decisions while here. One of them was to resign from the Stampers Quest Design Team. I can not keep up. This stresses me, Bea and Stephany. Stampers Quest deserves far more than I am able to give them artistically right now. It is better that they find someone who has more time and energy to devote to this fantastic online publication. You may still see something from me there once in a while, but I will not be a regular contributor. For me there are many factors leading up to this. My mother is in hospice, my in-laws are both in their 90's and failing fast, my job as an enumerator for Nebraska Agricultural Statistics has never kept me as busy as it has in the last few months and I have been neglecting my blog.

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