Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost A Tornado

If you watch the Weather Channel you will have seen the videos and pictures taken by the Vortex 2 team of a tornado in eastern Wyoming. This tornado was on the ground for about 25 minutes in an uninhabited portion of the prairie.
We live about 60 miles east of this area.
Later in the day this same storm was several miles north of Dalton NE. I was headed home from a day of doing agricultural surveys in the area and saw all the chase vehicles with this gear attached to their roofs. There were cars along four miles of road, with people taking all kinds of

pictures. Since I usually travel with my camera I stopped too. These are several of the photos that I managed to snap before the hard rain began.

These clouds were very very scary. Especially since I had been listening to the radio and had heard all the tornado reports. I seem to have been dodging tornado touch downs almost every day since. Luckily none have been close to our ranch and we have had no crops destroyed by hail.


  1. Holy cow, Shelley. Those ARE scary clouds. I can't believe all the extreme weather you've had out that way. By contrast, we've just had cloudy, cloudy days.

  2. It's been a crazy spring, hasn't it? I'm loving all the moisture and can't believe how green we are around here. Stay safe!

  3. How well I remember those types of clouds. So thankful you and Joe (and the dogs) are safe. Hope your losses were too big and you are certainly in my prayers. Let's hope that's the end of those types of storms for a while!!