Friday, May 22, 2009

Spring Is Here

Spring is finally really here. It's happy dance time. We have so many false starts and disappointments. BUT I know that spring has truly arrived when the hills become that beautiful almost painful spring green.

I spend a lot of time just drinking it in. It feeds my soul to see God's wonderful plan for His earth in action each spring. How arrogant to think that we can affect how He has planned the workings of this planet.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:36 that we cannot make one hair on our head white or black. (I don't want to hear comments about hair dye either, LOL, you know what this means) How then could we, in our pathetic human fraility and staggering inepititude, change the climate of a whole planet? The answer is simple and obvious, we can't. We may dirty the air a bit, but we cannot and never will be able to cause the planet to heat or to cool. It has been doing that, just as God planned when he created it, since the beginning of time. Humble yourselves before the Creator.

Drink it in and sing praises to God. Not for what he has done, but for who He is. The Creator. I worship the Creator, not the creation. It is good.

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